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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Birthday parties on a budget, Leighland style

With my little lady's  4th birthday fast approaching - as well as the limit on my overdraft...its time to arrange an awesome party on a non-existent budget!

I like to put my own handmade, quirky ‘lil stamp on things and party planning is no different!!  There's the mouse ears head bands and pink with white polka dots cupcakes from the Minnie Mouse party, a freaking awesome Elmo cake with Elmo cake bites and Elmo party hats for my best friends sons party, and the Monster High cake from last year which had pink and blue sponge under the black fondant!

Being a resident of Leighland, I have a compulsion to top these quirky details each year...but how do I do that this year with no money?!

Well for starters, the whole being broke thing kinda helps.  Kids birthday parties are generally held in a soft £9 per kid for the cheapest party before taking into account the cost of cakes and party bags, with 14 kids to invite, there was just no way we could manage that this year.  Que cheesy playlist on the laptop, a super cool colour changing disco ball borrowed from a pal and a handful of tacky £1 musical statues/pass the parcel prizes followed by catering courtesy of Maccy D's!! Price per kid = £3.10!!

I talked a little about the cake in my last post and have now enlisted the help of a very talented gal pal who is making 2 batches of 12 MH inspired cupcakes and after rooting through my craft chest, I found I had enough silver rolo chain and some fab little kitsch cupcake and cherry charms to make necklaces as party favours for all of the attendees!

I think I'll have some happy little girls here next week, now if only I could think of something cool to use as party favours for the 2 boys that will be there....any suggestions??

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