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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, the monster's have left the building!

So the birthday party was a huge success!! HUGE success!!!

I made Lola's Bride of Frankenstein dress,   which was actually pretty easy - I used the no sew tutu method (you can find many tutorials for this on pintrest) and she looked amazing! There was sooooo much black hairspray used on both Lola and the normally white blonde Gabriel too that they were hardly recognisable!

And the monsters as party favours from my last post were a huge hit!! Kids actually came back in to give us cuddles and to thank us for them!!! The only down side to them was how long the hand stitching took,  I had to give up after 5 and get my best friend to help out with her sewing machine - although it is actually a good thing as she was soooooo impressed with our efforts and how happy the kids were with them that she has asked me to come up with a design for us to make for Gabriel's lighthouse birthday party!!!!

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