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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

1 party down, 1 left to go!


We survived the first party!  The kids all had a blast....SCORE!!!!  Unfortunately, the bank balance didn't...FAIL!!!

The birthday girl looked FAB in her Frankie Stein costume! The picture on the left was taken after she'd taken off her wig, so the pic below is from Christmas day so you can see how cooooool it all looks together!

A few hours before the party, Brian and I started feeling rather  guilty about the lack of food for the adults.    I had been adamant I wasn't putting anything on for the big 'uns in order to keep costs down, but the Brian ended up running out for last minute supplies - its just as well that he did too as although we had 1 less kid than expected, we had 3 extra adults!!

Pass the Parcel didn't go entirely according to plan either, it left the kids wanting more....literally!! I had strategically planned the games so that every kid would get to open one of the 3 parcels and would find a small pack of Haribo and I timed it so that the 3 prizes were age/gender appropriate! The problem though was that the kids who got the Haribo were upset that they didn't win a 'proper' prize!!

The 2 slightly older kids asked if they could win prizes for the best dancing then proceeded to jump up and down with excitement shouting 'WE WANT GANGNAM, WE WANT GANGNAM!' which ofcourse the little one joined in with too...there was soooooo much jumping and bouncing going on that I thought my floor might collapse!  Fortunately it held out, but the prizes that were meant to last for 2 parties were gone by the end of the first!!

As you can see, my pal did an amazing job on the cakes, everyone loved them and Lola thought she was the luckiest little girl in the world!!  Thanks Cakes by Rachel

Fingers crossed tomorrows party goes as well as the first!

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