This is what life looks Leighland...

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Welcome to Leighland!

Things are a little different here than in the outside world...

In the real world...I'm a 30 something, hunk of chunk, who has soooo many ailments - I may as well be chucked on the scrap heap!!  I have absolutely no concept of time - so I'm late for everything!  I ignore the fact that most of my creative projects end in failure, I have less than 2 pennies to rub together, I live in a constant state of utter chaos and have lost every single thing that I own at least 10 times...

...In Leighland, I'm a size 10, I'm about 18yrs old and very flexible!  I love DIY & crafts so I am automatically incredibly good at it, I live in a world of serene tranquility and order and am very, very rich....

Well, the people I love have suffered long enough and the time has finally come to do something about it!

My New Years Resolution's for 2013 are:
Master the art of ORGANISATION
Make at least 1 small dream a reality (In other words, pick a project and see it through to the end regardless of whether it fails or not)
Actually be on time for stuff!!
Stop holding my breath (seriously, I don't even realise I'm doing it until my head feels like it's going to burst or His Lordship shouts at me!!)

Should be pretty easy right?

So how am I going to get all this done? 

Well, this blog is going to be a kind of online journal if you will, cataloging my attempts and giving monthly reviews of what I've learned or improved upon (hehehe!!  If I manage even 1 of those I'll pass out in amazement!!) and hopefully my trials and tribulations will provide you with a little entertainment if nothing else!!  So join me on my journey and help me along the way by sharing your hints, tips, suggestions and experiences too!!!

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