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Monday, 3 June 2013

Death and Distruction the Leighland way...

Yep, I'm sorry to say that while away on holiday, I was responsible for a death.
R.I.P. my dear digital camera.  You captured many beloved memories during out time together and you will be sadly missed!

Luckily I was able to salvage the memory card!

So we've just not long since gotten home from 2 weeks in Nabq Bay, Egypt :'-(
Nabq Bay is a short drive from Sharm El Sheik airport, just beyond Sharks Bay and like both Sharm and Sharks bay is a town built solely for the tourist industry.

We were going there to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!  We were planning to roll the celebration, the 'Lil Monsters first international holiday and some scuba diving into one holiday and celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary by booking it!  As our anniversary falls in May, it was booked before my accident last August so we weren't actually able to go diving, but we still had a blast!

We knew the 5* Jaz Mirabel Beach resort would be 100% perfect as we'd been before.  The last time we were there was New Years 2007/08.  As it was winter, we only ventured to the beach once for about 30mins, it was really windy and the coral sand kind of sandblasted you so we knew to avoid it from then on!  It's a shame too as when we went this time, in May 2013, we expected to walk in to the sea from the beach and snorkel.

When you're walking out you are straight on top of a coral reef which stretches about 1 1/2 miles out to sea.  The majority of the top of the reef is clear enough to walk on without causing damage and the sea is only really deep enough to tickle your bum!

Here you can see the 'Lil Monster watching waves crash over the edge of the reef on the horizon!
  There's not as much to see in this part as there are when walking in from Sharks Bay, or Taba (Northern Sinai Peninsula) but we met  puffer fish, lots of sea porcupine and even a sea snake!! 

The sad part, is that on one of the days that I walked out towards the end of the reef, my Dad and I came across a fishing net about 100yrds long.  We hadn't seen it before and didn't see it again and no one was able to tell us anything about it so we don't know if it had washed up or if it was there intentionally, but it was gone the next time we walked out.  Dad and I were able to rescue a pair of beautiful yellow Angel fish!  Unfortunately, the fish had sharp spines in their dorsal fins and the shock of a prick made me drop and kill my camera :-(

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