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Friday, 8 March 2013

9-5...what a way to make a living

Good god, what in the world did I do wrong in order for me to be punished with a few weeks of working normal, full time, day time hours?!?!?!

Yep, the bosses must have decided the training team weren't earning their keep so had them write up a training course then start delivering it through out the company and I got switched into this group at the last minute.

Seriously, regular mummies need a medal for being able to get up, get ready and get their lil' peeps ready then dropped off and still be in the office by 9am.

Hats off to ya!!!

The lil' lady and I usually wake around 8.30 - or at least I wake up then to find her tickling my toes!!  Then we have a snuggle in bed while watching half an hour or so of kids TV and talking about what we're going to do for the day.  We usually get breakfast around 9.30, normally hit the shower an hour or so after that, drop Loals at nursery for 12.30 and on the days I have to work., I rock in around 4pm....but noooo...not these last few weeks...Instead, I've had to be up with the crack of dawn (6.30am!!), I've had to get ready super quickly, get Loals ready super quickly, cart her off to her grandparents then start work at 9am!!

I'm soooo pleased to be on a weeks break before going back to a. work and b. my usually midders hours (midnight hours)!!!

Me, feeling rather tired...
I think the hardest part has been being away from my baby, I've missed her loads and loads and the best thing is that I've actually started sleeping again!!  Not just sleeping, but going to bed and more or less straight to sleep at a humane hour!!

So, moral of the storey??  Don't agree to training courses - unless the pay is just tooooooo god damned good for full time, oh...and time for bed!!!!

As a working parent, how do you cope with it all?  Do you work unsociable hours??  How do you cope with childcare and staying awake??  Speaking of which...I've dosed off a fair few times while writing this, so good night for now!! <3

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