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Monday, 15 July 2013

Best Teacher gifts the Leighland way

I've been working loads of overtime (still trying to pay my credit card bill off from Egpyt!!) and have had a very poorly lil Monster to take care of so time has been pretty restricted recently to say the least!

There's light at the end of the tunnel though, there's been no more vomiting since 8am this morning (It's now nearly 2am - oh the joys of working a late shift!!) so if she can make it through another 6 hours she'll be allowed back to nursery school!  She's desperate to get back, especially because not only is she leaving nursery to move on to reception class but her nursery teacher is leaving the school so she's desperate to see her teacher before she goes!

With only a matter of days left, it means some serious last minute gift what do you do when you need to 2 last minute gifts and are already over your monthly budget?!  Well I'm pretty sure I got the idea from this Pintrest pin but couldn't really think of anything to write (and didn't really have time either if I'm honest) so I googled how to make a shape with words and found this amazing website!

All you need to do is fill in 1 of the 6 fields, chose your shape and direction for the words, pick a font and a theme then click submit and et voila!!  You can even edit the font, colours and themes before saving your final image!

Once I had my image, I opened a word document and pasted it in the middle.  I cropped the image to remove the copywrite border then added a couple of text boxes to make the document a bit more personal.  I had chosen the Duality font when creating my shape so for continuity, I downloaded the same font here for free and this is what I ended up with:

I'll nip to Ikea tomorrow and pick up 2 of their Ribba frames and there you go...a cheap personalised gift for both the teacher and her TA (and yes...I remembered to change the name on the TA's picture!

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