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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Who else would make an awesome beach dress when its still snowing outside...??!

Yep, that's right...I would!!  And probably anyone else that's going on their jollies soon no doubt!!

Wow, long time no post!  Well I've been busy, busy, busy, but not really doing much if you know what I mean?!  So what have I been up to....?  Well, we've just about finished the spare room.  I know, I know, no one else in the world takes as long to decorate as we do!  We find it really hard to fit all of the work in around His Lordships shifts and mine (if I was daft enough to leave him unsupervised, he would get it wrong and just have to do it all again) but it's getting there!  The painting is finished and both wardrobes are up, I just need to buy bottom sheets for the bed and then dress the room then it's done.

We've also had Easter.  I spring clean my house in the lead up to Easter Sunday every year as the whole family come for Easter tea.  Fortunately, His Lordship was off work for most of the bank holiday weekend so he was able to help as I still can't manage to do much :-(  I did however manage this for my first ever attempt at a pink velvet giant cupcake...

The recipe for which will be posted soon...

So back to beach dresses...Yep, its only a matter of weeks til we jet off to Egypt for 2 lovely weeks of R&R!  This will be our first proper holiday in over 5 years and the 'Lil Monsters first ever proper holiday so we're all really excited!!
Thanks to being obscenely broke (and still paying the holiday off on Mummy's credit card....EEEK!!) I can't really afford to buy much by way of clothes, but of course need pretty much everything for all 3 of us!  This week, I've been concentrating on beach wear and came across this awesome tutorial from Brit + co on Pintrest for a handmade beach dress.  Though I fully intend to make myself one, it will be black so probably won't photograph well for this post, so I decided to alter the instructions slightly and make the 'Lil Monsters first!

What you'll need:
Sewing machine or needle & thread

First of all, I bought some really cool fabric from a shop on eBay.  It was £3.99 per meter and 112cms wide

I wrapped it around the little 'un to find the width that I wanted, then lay it flat on the dining table and cut.  As she's only recently turned 4, cutting it in half length-ways gave the perfect length!

This is quite a fine, soft, stretchy fabric so in order to cut straight, I laid the fabric out on the dining table and used the groove where the 2 ends join in the middle (its an extending table) and just supported the fabric with a very light tension.

I then cut an inch wide strip from one of the off cuts, then cut it in half to make the straps.

Next, you simply turn on of the corners in to make a triangle, and stitch along about 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch in and then trim the excess material

I fed a pipe cleaner through the tube and secured it to the end of the first strap, which I had already put a couple of stitches in.  I then pulled the pipe cleaner and strap back through the tube, stitched the strap together at both ends then tucked the ends inside the tube like so

Repeat with the corner on the opposite side, et viola!  Its ready to wear!!  Simply put the right strap over your right shoulder with the rest of the dress in front of you, wrap it all the way around you then slip the left strap over your left shoulder and there you have it, a beautify wrap over beach dress!!  (Its only just occurred to me that I should have taken pics of how to put it on as that probably sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is!!  I'll prob update the post in the next few days with pics but in the meant time Britt + Co were clever enough to include photographic instructions lol!!)

As you can see, my 'Lil Monster loves her new beach dress!  And I have enough fabric left over to make a hair band or head scarf to go with this dress and maybe even some other style of dress!

Hmmm...I wonder what else I can make to take away with us...?!  Leave your comments or suggestions below!! xxx

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